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Palacio tristar
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Description of Tour

With a history that speaks of several rulers, they are wonders as you wander around on the Heritage Tour. Though limited in number, these majestic structures are full of history. Drive to Chandor to visit the Portuguese house of Mrs. Sara Fernandes, built before the arrival of the Portuguese. The house locally known as Voddlem Ghor has been an imposing structure in the tranquil village of Chandor. The exquisite features of this ancient house are a large ballroom, which was added around 150 years ago. The ballroom consists of a spacious verandah, long French glass windows, a wooden floor with baroque styled furniture, a large Belgian mirror, crystal chandeliers and crystal lamp holders adorn the wall. Tall solitaire vases, a piano and antique oil lamps are some of the showpieces in the ballroom. Proceed for hi – tea to the 17th century “Palacio Do Deão” which is a 213 year old Palace in Quepem built by a Portuguese noble man who was the Dean of the Church and founder if Quepem Town. It has an unusual style of architecture, blending Hindu & Portuguese cultures. The lush gardens around the Palace have preserved their features and have been known as the most beautiful pleasure gardens. Drive to Margao for a bit of shopping in the local market and return back to the hotel.

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Note :-
The sequence of the itinerary is subject to change at the sole discretion of the guide. INCLUDES: AC Transport, English speaking guide, Entry at the house of Mrs. Sara Fernandes, Entry and Hi – tea at Palacio do Deao, All drinks consumed will be on direct payment.

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