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humpi tour tristar

Description of Tour

Ruins can be… just ruins, or they can be spectacular. And one of India’s most spectacular ruins and the largest Hindu empires in Indian history is Hampi. This famed city stretches over 70 sq Kms within an incredible outer landscape of rocks pilled in amazing alignments, creating hills and valleys, in solitude and silence, desolated yet fascinating. The serene position next to the river and the magical atmosphere that surrounds the temples and ruins makes Hampi one of the most fascination historical sites in India. Here the very stones speak myths, deeds of valor and legends that have been sketched by scribes and sculptors everywhere having been “ built like giants and finished like jewels”. Awesome monoliths, musical pillars, soaring towers, wonderful preserved elephants stables, stepped bathing tanks, the unusual. Queen’s bath with its Indo- Saracen architecture, Lotus Mahal with its beautiful arches, royal dwellings, pillared pavilions, stone chariot… the incredible Hampi Bazaar.

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Note :-
All Drinks on direct payment. All Passengers are requested to have their original passport with them. Operation of the tour is subject to weather conditions.

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