Castaway Cruise (Sea trip)

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Description of Tour

Relaxing on the sun-kissed beaches, sunbathing, admiring the beauty of the historical splendour and devouring a delicious gourmet cuisine are not the only facts of a perfect Goan vacation. Set free the wild, adventurous side in you and venture out into the waters to enjoy a plethora that Goa waters have to offer you. You board the boat at Dona Paula and leisurely cruise across the river Zuari towards Mormugoa Harbour. Observe the activities of Iron Ore barges, transhippers and Iron Ore carriers, besides fishing canoes and trawlers. Here’s where the bottled nose dolphins are sighted. Gets the opportunity to watch the frisky dolphins frolicking about in the bay waters. The motors will be switched off, so as to give you ample time and opportunity to watch the dolphins. So ensure that your cameras are fully loaded to capture these magnificent playful mammals. The canoe will then cruise towards St. George Island to selected spots around the Island where the waters are much cleaner and calmer. Those who want to try their patience, skill and luck with the sea will be provided with some basic fishing material and they can set out to entice and coax the fish to bite, while the more energetic, bold and adventurous guests who know snorkelling can set out in the cool shallow crystal clear waters, exploring the mysterious underwater world. The boat sails on towards a beach where a buffet lunch will be laid. Have a quiet lie down, swim or simply bask in the glorious sun. After a relaxed time on the beach, board the boat and cruise back to Dona Paula jetty, leaving with fond memories of a day well spent in beautiful Goa where fun is the essence of life.

Reservation Process

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Note :-
Loss of lures / damage to equipments (if any) will be borne by the user. Operation of the tour is subject to weather conditions.

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